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The Arts and Theatre Institute (ATI) maintains databases of information on its collections and digitises and makes available its materials in electronic format. All of the Theatre Institute’s collections are documented in electronic systems and some collections are digitised. Our objective is to make as many of the materials in our collections as possible available online through a Virtual Research Room, where users can access the Library catalogue, reserve materials, or extend loans by managing their reader account, and where they can also find a complete bibliographic database and the catalogues of the audio library and videotheque. For the collections of theatre documentation there is an accessible database of theatre productions since 1945, a scenography collection that contains artefacts and scenographic documentation, and a large collection of theatre photographs.

Some materials, such as video recordings, digitised texts of plays, and periodical articles, cannot be made available online due to copyright restrictions. These materials are fully available for users in the Theatre Institute’s study rooms during opening hours.

Other information databases operated by the Theatre Institute can be accessed through where users can find a database of premiers at Czech theatres, a directory of theatres and theatre institutions in the Czech Republic, and a database of theatre festivals in the Czech Republic and abroad.

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