Václav Tille: The Magical Power of Theatre

Obálka knihyEditor: Eva Šormová, František Knopp
A half century of theatre in the Czech Republic, in Europe, and overseas in the eyes of a scholar and writer for whom the theatre is more a liking and a vocation than an occupation. These are studies and theatre critiques previously unpublished in book format from the author of A List of Czech Fairytales (1929, 1934), the reportage Moscow in November (1929), and the highly readable biography Božena Němcová (1911). This is the fifth volume in the series Essays, Criticism, Analyses and it is devoted to a figure who, among other things, was instrumental in establishing theatre arts as an independent discipline in higher education. The selection of writings by Tille is accompanied by a bibliography of his theatre works.
Price 320 Czk / 675 pp. / ISBN 978-80-7008-216-4

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