International Meeting on the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of Diversity of Cultural Expressions and its Implementation Possibilities in Central and Eastern European Countries

14. - 15. 10. 2013 in Prague, Czech Republic


The Arts and Theatre Institute (ATI) together with the National Contact Point for the UNESCO Convention at the Ministry of Culture Czech Republic are looking forward to organize and host a workshop on the implementation possibilities of the UNESCO Convention on Cultural Diversity on the 14th and 15th of October in Prague. Objective of the workshop will be to discuss implementation possibilities among Central, South-Eastern and Eastern European countries and provide input for national strategies and measures concerning the support of the arts, their distribution and international cooperation. The results of these meetings will be publicly presented on the 15th of October, 3 pm at the Centre for Contemporary Art DOX.

The workshop will create an opportunity to shape the future of cultural development with special regard to the historical background and therefrom originated challenges in the implementation of the Convention and the possibility to exchange practical examples of achievements already made. The discussion panels will approach three different points in relation to the promotion of cultural diversity: 1) the support of artistic creation, 2) the support of production and distribution of cultural goods and services and 3) the support of cultural mobility and international cooperation.

Invited to discuss the three main topics are representatives from Albania, Austria, Armenia, Latvia, Croatia, Czech Republic,  Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Macedonia, Moldavia, Poland, Ukraine, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Romania bringing together official authorities as well as independent participants from the civil sector. The workshop starts on the 14th of October with an official welcoming at 10 am at the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, open to all that are interested and is followed in the afternoon by the three working panels. On the second day, the panels formulate their final recommendations which Public discussion - October 15, 15:00 at the Centre for Contemporary Art DOX

Moderators, who will present the final conclusions of the debates:

Jana Návratová, Dance Expert, Editor-in-chief of the Dance Zone review (Taneční zóna )
Péter Inkei, Director of the Regional Observatory on Financing Culture in East-Central Europe, The Budapest Observatory
Mario Kubaš, Cultural Policy Expert
Blanka Marková, Project Manager - cultural tourism (The European Capital of Culture)
Martina Černá, head of International Cooperation and PR Department / ATI, Theatre Researcher, Translator and Cultural Manager
Anna Galas, International Cooperation Department  - Instytut Teatralny im. Zbigniewa Raszewskiego

Please register for the public discussion: www.idu.cz/cs/registrace-unesco


UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of Diversity of Cultural Expressions




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