Thomas Bernhard: Plays IV

Thomas Bernhard: Hry IVThomas Bernhard’s Plays IV is the last volume in the four-volume series published by the Theatre Institute in Prague devoted to Czech translations of Thomas Bernhard’s dramatic works. It contains the play Giants (translated by Václav Cejpek), which marks the culmination of the first period of Bernhard’s dramatic writings, and both full-length and short works from his middle and final creative periods: Immanuel Kant (translated by Josef Balvín), Above the Mountainsides and Beyond (translated by Zuzana Augustová), The Dead Man, May, The Match, Exoneration, Ice Cream, German Lunch, All or Nothing (translated by Jitka Jílková), Claus Peymann Is Leaving Bochum and Going to Vienna to Run the Burgtheater, Claus Peymann and Hermann Beil in Sulzwiese (translated by Barbora Schnelle) and Claus Peymann Is Buying Trousers and Joining Me for Lunch (translated by Zuzana Augustová). The volume concludes with an afterword by Alfred Pfabigan, ‘Thomas Bernhard: An Austrian International Experiment’.
Price 240 Czk / 418 pp. / ISBN 978-80-7008-250-8

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