Thomas Bernhard: Plays III

Thomas Bernhard: Hry IIIThomas Bernhard’s Plays III and Plays IV are the last two volumes in the four-volume series devoted to Czech translations of the complete dramatic works of Thomas Bernhard. The books contain dramatic works (full-length plays and short pieces), some of which never before published, from various creative periods in Bernhard’s life. Plays III contains dramatic works—libretti and short plays from the late fifties and early sixties: Desert Rose, The Mountain, Heads, Fabulous, Rose and Spring (translated by Zuzana Augustová)—and two full-length plays from the seventies—The Ignoramus and the Madman (translated by Josef Balvín) and President (translated by Zuzana Augustová). The volume’s afterword, ‘Write Like a Dog Scratching at Its Bed’, is by Miroslav Petříček.
Price 240 Czk / 308 pp. / ISBN 978-80-7008-248-5

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