Theatre Institute

The Theatre Institute, established in 1959, is a modern and open centre devoted to information, research, consultation, education, and production in the field of theatre. Its mission is to provide the Czech public and the public abroad with comprehensive information services in the field of theatre, initiate and participate in international projects, promote and present Czech theatre abroad, advance research and documentation and collecting activities, and publish literature in the field of theatre. Since 2007 the Theatre Institute has been part of the Arts and Theatre Institute.

Services and Activities of the Theatre Institute

The Theatre Institute

  • has one of the largest theatre libraries in Europe, a videotheque, an archive of photographs, large collections of documentation, artefacts, and bibliographic materials, and a number of online information databases
  • is a major publisher of theatre literature in the Czech Republic, focusing especially on the publication of theoretical and historical works, monographs, and stage plays
  • provides up-to-date information on the theatre in the Czech Republic and abroad through a specialised web portal in Czech and English
  • thoroughly documents and monitors Czech theatre, prepares bibliographies, creates publicly accessible internet databases, and runs the electronic information service Infopult
  • systematically focuses on digitising and making electronic documents accessible to researchers
  • pursues continuous research on the history of Czech theatre
  • develops collections in the fields of scenography and theatre photography and prepares exhibitions in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • participates in international and interdisciplinary projects
  • participates in the promotion of Czech theatre abroad through activities organised by the Department of International Cooperation and External Affairs.



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