Support for the Cultural and Creative Sectors in the Czech Republic

Arts and Theatre Institute in the Czech Republic in cooperation with Czech Creative Europe Desk and other Czech EU Programme Desks) have worked on a research project Support for the Cultural and Creative Sectors in the Czech Republic from the EU Funds for the 2015–20 Period. You can find the list of barriers of the cultural organization in applying for a grant from EU Programmes and recommendations how to reduce these barriers. 

English Summary of the project Support for the Cultural and Creative Sectors in the Czech Republic Research project

The research project was managed by Eva Zakova, E

The barriers we have found could be similar in other post-communist countries as well. This is why the research and its findings could be relevant beyond the Czech Republic.

The main objective of the research plan was to answer the following questions:

  1. What barriers prevent Czech entities from the cultural and creative sectors from becoming involved in international cooperation projects?
  2. What causes these barriers to arise?
  3. What recommendations can be made to improve the situation and to reduceor remove these barriers?

The introduction to the research section identifies those EU programmes whose applicants, including potential applicants, are included in the target group of the research. One important criterion for the selection of the programmes was the existence and inclusion of contact points and intermediate bodies in the Czech Republic, specifically:

  • Creative Europe (Culture and MEDIA sub-programmes);
  • Erasmus+;
  • Horizon 2020;
  • COSME (Competitiveness of Enterprises and SMEs);
  • Europe for Citizens;
  • Cross-border cooperation (CZ–Poland, CZ–Slovakia, CZ–Austria, CZ–Bavaria, CZ–Saxony); and Interreg: European Territorial Cooperation,
  • Programme for interregional and transnational cooperation (Interreg EUROPE, Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE, Interreg DANUBE).

The project ‘Support for the Cultural and Creative Sectors from the EU Funds for the 2015–20 Period’ (Project No TB040MZV002) was initiated as a part of a research project completed under the BETA Programme of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Authors of the research report: Magdalena Müllerová, Daniela Zarodňanská, Eva Žáková

Reasearch team members: Veronika Beranová, Kateřina Hamplová, Pavla Hlušičková, Pavel Lukeš, Anna Macounová, Magdalena Müllerová, Jitka Valchářová, Daniela Zarodňanská, Eva Žáková

Realized: 2016


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