Study of the Support for the Arts

The study focuses on the field of professional arts after 1989; each chapter includes subchapters dedicated to individual fields (i.e. theatre, dance, music, visual arts, literature and film). The introductory chapter (Definiton) defines the subject of the project, the history of the fields concisely brings back the historical context of the individual analyses as well as the history of the fields themselves. The Transformation chapter reflects the shift of the system due to the all-society changes in 1989 and describes the transformation of the institutional basis of the arts in 1989–2002 (the dates were selected with regard to the comparison of available statistical data). The theoretical and historiographical reflection records the situation of our arts studies, institutional basis of science and research, the part dedicated to criticism maps the current state of the reflection of arts. Tha lst chapter focuses on the artistic education system (schools and other educational institutions), education and training including present reforms and its programmes. 

Language: Czech
Title: Studie současného stavu podpory umění
Subtitle: Svazek I. – Definice, historie, transformace, reflexe, vzdělávání a výchova
Publisher: Arts and Theatre Institute
ISBN: 978-80-7008-235-5
Year: 2009
No. of pages: 216 
Price: 190 Czk

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