Study of the Contemporary State of the Support for the Arts, Volume II

Authors: Bohumil Nekolný, Eva Žáková and col.

Volume II of the Study of the Contemporary State of Support for the Arts is the working output of the Study of the State, Structure, Conditions, and Funding of the Arts in the Czech Republic project, supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic (DD06P03OUK002), and realized by the Arts Institute from 2006 to 2011. This publication follows Volume I published in 2009. The basic subject of the both volumes is the situation of professional arts in the fields of the so called live arts (i.e. theatre, dance, music, visual arts, literature, film) since 1989. Volume I elaborates on the definition and specification of the particular domains, their history until 1989, the transformation of their institutional base after 1989, the historical, theoretical, and critical reflection, and the issue of education and research.

Volume II deals with the issues of funding, legislature, social matters, addressees of works of arts and performances, international cooperation, and state of the fields of arts as of 2010. The conclusion brings Miroslav Petřiček’s reflection on the role of our arts and culture in the European context. Volume II (as opposed to Volume I which has been composed according to the particular fields) has, with respect to the topics, been addressed as a cross-sectional.

Chapter 1 Funding deals mainly with the relation of the state to the field, including the support from the regions and municipalities. Apart from the funding system of the public sector, this chapter also addresses the issue of non-profit activities. Chapter 2 Legislature intends to cover – besides general legislature – the copyright act, tax issues, labor code branch regulations including harmonization with the legislation of the European Communities. Chapter 3 Social Matters then focuses on the employment within a field and the artists’ social status. The following Chapter 4 Addressees of Works of Arts and Performances is particularly of a sociological nature and interprets examples of the production structure and their users, i.e. attendance turnout from the viewpoint of the culture market. The extensive Chapter 5 looks into International Cooperation in a wide kontext of different frames of reference, the concluding chapter finally monitors the current state of the particular fields. This publication contains numerous topic-arranged references to academic literature and sources, and brief characteristics of the authors. Volumes I and II contain not only large amount of information on the current state of our arts, but also an utterance of its not trouble-free status within our society.

Since 2007 the work on this project has been interconnected with processing of other projects of the Arts Institute. The multi-annual projects The Social-Economic Potential of Culture and Creative Industries in the Czech Republic (2007–11), a commission for the Czech Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs named A Preliminary Analysis of the Current Links between the Labor Market and the Culture Sector, and Defining the Default Requirements for Strategic Planning of Employment within the Field (2007), and also groundwork studies for the implementation of the cultural policy of the Ministry of Culture named The Obstacles in Mobility within Culture and The Support of the Market with Current Arts (2010) are all under way. Within the Study of the State of the Arts project, an academic collective monograph called Dance in the Czech Republic (2010) has been compiled. In connection with the above mentioned projects, the Arts Institute is launching a new research project called Surveying the Cultural and Creative Industries in the Czech Republic (2011–15).

Language: Czech
Title: Studie současného stavu podpory umění
Subtitle: Svazek II. – financování, legislativa, sociální problematika, příjemci uměleckých děl a výkonů, mezinárodní spolupráce, stav uměleckých oborů k roku 2010
Publisher: Arts and Theatre Institute
ISBN: 978-80-7008-266-9
Year: 2011
No. of pages: 225
Price: 300 Czk (printed Volume II + CD of Volume I), 200 Czk (printed Volume II)

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