Socio-economic potential of cultural /creative industries in the Czech Republic (2007-2011)

Project Socio-economic potential of cultural /creative industries in the Czech Republic (2007-2011) was based on a theoretical and empirical analysis of CCI’s potential to contribute to social and economic development of the country. The project involved a study of socio-historical definition of CCI and their influence on the development of cultural policy concepts, developing indicators to assess the socio-economic potential of cultural industries and their structuring and mapping in the country. One of the most important project outputs is a set of recommendations for cultural policy and strategy for promoting CCI in the country. Within the project, a publication Creative Industries – Opportunity for New Economy by Martin Cikánek was released.  The book outlines the genesis of the CCI concept, elaborates on the terminological definition and describes the vast presence of the phenomenon in cultural policies and economical strategies of developed countries. Furthermore, the study includes an analysis of the relation between creative industries and non-commercial arts supported by the public budgets.

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