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As of 31 December 2009 the Scenography Collection contained 1272 documented items. In 2009 the collection was enriched with the addition of set and costume designs by Josef Svoboda, Jaroslav Malina, Otakar Schindler, Zuzana Štefunková Rusínová, and Andrea Králová. The advisory committee for acquisitions met on 24 March 2009. Alongside its regular agenda it approved the purchase of set designs by Libor Fára under the ISO grant of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the discussion of grant applications was deferred by the provider until 2010. A portion of the collection’s items have been displayed at exhibitions which the department has helped organise (Legions of Characters – Costume Designs by Jan Skalický, Breaking through the Space, and Variations – Theatre Artists at the Turn of the Millennium). In 2009 work continued on the systematic digitisation of the collection of photographs (with the support of the EEA/Norwegian Financial Mechanisms), and to date more than eighty thousand photographs have been scanned. The scanned photographs are then saved in a photographic database and eventually made available on the web at:

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