Rodrigue Yao Norman: Hello Africa!

Obálka knihyTranslated by Matylda and Michal Lázňovský
In this play the Togolese author addresses a basic dilemma of Africans living in Europe. Two brothers who came to Belgium from Africa years ago are trying to decide whether to stay or go back to Africa. The tense night time conversation reveals the difficulties and the demeaning position of being a black immigrant in Europe, constantly hovering between legality and criminality. The question that comes up is how much more a person can take and when have the limits of human dignity been exceeded. The play provides insight into not just the life of Africans in the position of immigrants but also presents European civilisation in a somewhat different light than how we are capable of seeing it ourselves.
Price 80 Czk / 38 pp. / ISBN 978-80-7008-230-0

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