Reading and Study Rooms

The building of the Theatre Institute at Celetná Street 17 offers researchers conveniences and technical infrastructure for study and research. The reading and study rooms are divided according to the collection they are centred on. Each study room contains computers on which users can search the institute’s catalogues and databases. Photocopying services are provided for a fee and in conformity with the nature of the collection. It is recommended that people wishing to study specialised resources (e.g. the Collections and Archive Department, the Department for Czech Theatre Studies) make an appointment in advance.

For researchers with disabilities a barrier-free study is available and is regularly open to coincide with Library hours, but upon prior agreement can be made available outside Library operating hours. Access to the hall is from the passageway onto Štupartská Street. Materials can be brought to this room from the institute’s collections by request. Users are advised to contact the collection they are interested in to organise the research in advance.

  • Library – department of services (card catalogues, reference library, barrier-free research hall), tel. 224 809 126/127
  • Library – loan services, audio collection, tel. 224 809 129
  • Library – periodical reading room, tel. 224 809 144
  • Documentation / Bibliography – tel. 224 809 159
  • Videotheque, tel. 224 809 123
  • Study in the collections of the Department of Czech Theatre Studies (tel. 224 809 133/177/113/117), Archive (tel. 224 809 151) and Collections Department (tel. 224 809 190)

If you are unsure who to contact, please contact the Reception, where someone is available at all times on working days (224 809 111).

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