Prestigious award Premio Flaiano for the important act in the field of Italian literature goes to the Czech Republic

The book Luigi Pirandello: Plays I published by the Arts and Theatre Institute last year in the edition Plays received the special jury award Premio Flaiano at the occasion of 150th anniversary of Luigi Pirandello’s birth. The commission acknowledged the concept of the extensive selection of Pirandello’s dramatic works as well as high quality of the published book.

Alice Flemrová received the award at the ceremony at Pescara on 9th July. Being the initiator of the project of new Czech translations of Luigi Pirandello’s plays and the editor of the published first book, she received the special award in the Italian studies category for the professionals living abroad for their important actions in the field of Italian culture, language and culture.

Premio Flaiano award named after the important Italian journalist, scriptwriter, playwright, writer and scathing intellectual Ennio Flaiano has been awarded in Pescara since 1974 in the main categories of film, theatre, music, literature and criticism. Writers Ian McEwan, Javier Marías, David Grossman, Abraham B. Yehoshua, Jonathan Coe or Imre Kertész rank among the important foreign laureates. There is no financial prize but the award is considered a very prestigious matter not only in Italy,” says Dr. Flemrová.

The first edition of the selection from the plays by Italian playwright, writer and poet Luigi Pirandello contains dramatic works, which have not been translated into Czech, as well as new translations of famous works. Together with the second book, which is going to be published in 2018, it will be the most compact selection of dramas by one of the most important 20th century authors, who is appreciated for his “daring and witty renaissance of dramatic and scenic arts” and was born 150 years ago. The selection prepared with the Department of Romance Studies, Faculty of Arts, Charles University and the Theatre Institute aims at introducing author’s extensive dramatic works of almost 50 plays using the representative sample of 15 dramas and 6 one-act plays. The selection of specific titles follows a chronological line with thematic and formal changes in Pirandello’s dramatic method. The second volume is going to be published next year. The book is available at ATI Prospero e-shop (

The book Luigi Pirandello: Plays I was supported by the Charles University program of the development of science Rationality in Human Sciences and Literary Fund Foundation as the contribution to 150th anniversary of author’s birth.

Information about the book:
Luigi Pirandello: Plays I
Editor Alice Flemrová; translation Marina Feltlová, Alice Flemrová, Jiří Pelán, Tereza Sieglová, Kateřina Vinšová; afterword Michael Rössner.
The book was published in cooperation with the Faculty of Arts, Charles University and financially supported by the Czech Literary Fund Foundation.
Price 320 CZK / 440 pages / ISBN 978-80-7008-382-6

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