Peter Brook: Threads of Time

Obálka knihyA key figure in post-war world theatre reflects back on the events that shaped his artistic career: from his happy childhood growing up in a family of Russian emigrants, to his adventurous early days in theatre film in wartime London, his outstanding early successes directing opera and Shakespeare, the experiments he was drawn to in the 1960s and 1970s and his unflagging longing to get to the deepest roots of the theatre. The book also contains recollections of his encounters (and artistic clashes) with great figures of post-war European theatre (e.g. Salvador Dalí, Laurence Olivier, Glenda Jackson, Jeanne Moreau). However, the most valuable part of Brook’s self-portrait is how it tries to trace his internal journey as an artist on a quest. Translated by Jitka Sloupová.
Price 250 Czk / 235 pp. / ISBN 80-7008-170-8

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