Organizational Team of the Prague Quadrennial

The Organizational Team of the Prague Quadrennial is responsible for the complete organization of the PQ 2015, in particular for:

  • preparing the basic documents for the PQ (Statute and Concept);
  • organizing the content of each section in the PQ and the accompanying programmes;
  • arranging the space and architectural design of the venue and installations;
  • announcing the PQ and organizing registration of exhibiting countries;
  • communicating with participants, PR, presentation and promotion in the CR and abroad;
  • fundraising and sponsoring strategies;
  • documentation and archiving;
  • preparing publications and other media on the PQ;
  • putting together the international jury and the award-giving.

Members of the Organizational Team of the Prague Quadrennial:

Sodja Lotker
Daniela Pařízková
Pavla Petrová
Alice Doleželová
Anna Friedländer

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