Musical Theatre in the Czech Lands – Figures of the 19th Century

This lexicon is the outcome of work on the long-term research and publishing project Th e Czech Theatre Encyclopaedia conducted by the Arts and Theatre Institute with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. The publication contains 349 original biographical entries on theatre managers, composers, conductors, singers, librettists, translators, scenic artists, directors, music journalists, and other artists who significantly helped shape music theatre in the 19th century across the Czech lands. It is the first work of its kind and goes beyond the customary practice to date of taking only Czech authors into account in theatre histories – the entries in this volume include figures of Czech and German nationality and foreigners working in the Czech lands. Many of the biographies in the encyclopaedia are appearing here for the first time in Czech literature. The inclusion of foreign-language musical theatre in this publication puts figures from the Czech scene in a wider historical and geographic context and adds a Central European dimension to the picture of Czech 19th-century theatre culture.
A joint publication of the Arts and Theatre Institute in Prague and Academia Publishers.
Price 390 Czk / 700 pp. / ISBN 80-200-1346-6 (Academia); 80-7008-188-0 (Arts and Theatre Institute)

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