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The Music Section of ATI (MS) provides information and promotion service to Czech music culture, coordinates important international events, produces pilot projects, publishes synthetic publications about Czech music culture, provides solution of music issues for important ATI projects in the field of music and cooperates on concept materials of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

MS is a seat of the Czech centre of the International Music Council – Czech Music Council

A promotional and informational goal is ensured by administration of the Czech-English website (since 2003), commissaryship  of Czech exhibitions at international fairs MIDEM (since 2005) and VOMEX (since 2012).

Since 2004, MS has published several synthetic publications on Czech music culture: Czech Music(2005), Czech Orchestras (2005), Czech Music Guide (2005, revised 2011).

A part of this concept is a CD of anthologies and samplers (a 5-part anthology of Czech music, 2005), samplers Contemporary Czech Pop (2008), Contemporary Czech Jazz(2010).

MS has coordinated international projects the Year of Czech Music 2004, Martinů Revisited 2009 and is now preparing the Year of Czech Music 2014.

MS has been involved in the ATI research projects: OPRLZ CZ An Input Analysis of Current Relationship of the Labour Market and the Culture Sector and Definition of Assumptions for Strategic Planning of Employment in this Sector, 04.1.03/ (2007), A Study on the State, Structure, Conditions and Financing of Art in the Czech Republic/DD06P03 OUK 002 (2006-11), Socio-Economic Potential of Cultural or Creative Industries in the Czech Republic /DD07P03 OUK003/. (2007-11).

MS currently participates in the project Mapping of Cultural and Creative Industries in the Czech Republic, DF 11 P01VV031 (since 2011-15)


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MIDEM is the world’s largest music market. It has taken place every year for the past 40 years in January in the French city of Cannes.

In 2006 and 2007, the Czech Republic was exhibited due to a proposal of the European Commission within the framework of the presentation of the European Union. Lenka Dohnalová from the Arts Institute was the commissioner of the Czech exhibition.

Musica Nova Competition

The famous international electro-acoustic music competition takes place every year in Prague. Almost 100 composers from thirty five countries participate annually.

Since 2005, the Arts Institute administers the Czech Music Council to organize the competition. The main organizer of the competition is the Society for Electro-acoustic Music of Czech Republic. The announcement of the competition is publicized regularly in June, and the international jury meets in November. A concert of the award winners, including their participation, is held in December.

Musical Improvisation Conference

The conference, that took place on November 1 and 2, 2005, was prepared in cooperation with the Prague Conservatory, the Musical Faculty of the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts (JAMU) in Brno, and the Musical Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts (HAMU) in Prague. The aim of the conference was the monitoring practise in the Czech Republic and the locating of all degrees of recommendation of pedagogical practise. The theme was associated with another theme developed by the European Music Council (EMC).

The meeting, which included participants who were primarily leading practitioners from the pedagogical and artistic fields in the Czech Republic and abroad, focused on improvisation as a means of nurturing creativity, improvisation as a form of therapy, improvisation as a social institution, and improvisation as a piece of art. Another theme was the evaluation of the state of pedagogical practice in the Czech Republic.

Czech Music 2004 – An Integral of European Culture

In 2004, the Czech Republic celebrated more than sixty anniversaries of outstanding Czech composers (Antonín Dvořák, Bedřich Smetana, Leoš Janáček, and others). Traditionally, the musical public immediately recognize that years ending in the numeral four are considered to be a "years of Czech music“.

Czech Music 2004 was a project, financed and promoted through the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. The project was organised under the auspices of President of the Czech Republic Václav Klaus and Vivienne Reding, Commissioner of Education and Culture of the European Commission. The programme was created for the musical activities that took place over the course of 2004, focusing on Czech music, primarily those artists, interpreters and organizations, celebrating their significant anniversaries, whether they took place in the Czech Republic or abroad.

Various professional art projects, in addition to non-professional activities, were the basis of the programme that were chosen by the selection committee of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and received special financial subsidy. The primary tool of the programme was the information and promotional support of significant projects at home and abroad, in order that Czech music would be presented in a more significant and more interesting way over the course of the year that the Czech Republic entered the European Union. The programme used the musical triangle as its symbol and logo.

To assist in the preparations of the Czech Music 2004 programme, the Ministry of Culture has established the Information and Coordination Centre (ICC) in the Theatre Institute. In cooperation with an advisory council-preparation committee, the ICC created a collective promotion of the project in the Czech Republic. The programme was created on the basis of the cooperation of many partners. In terms of foreign partners, much of the coordination took place with the assistance of the Czech Centres, the Czech Central Tourist Authority and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. The programme was oriented towards the existing promotional network and experts and patrons of Czech music. Part of the work of the ICC was also one of the most complex documentation projects pertaining to Czech music at home and abroad.

The ICC also independently produced or co-produced several famous strategically timely concerts and performances. These included the gala opening concert of the Czech Philharmonic, concerts on May 1 and 2 (the birthday of A. Dvořák and the Czech Republic’s accession into the European Union), the closing performance of the Royal Opera House of Covent Garden (B. Martinů´s Greek Passion at the National Theatre in Brno), a film documentary of the Czech musical heaven and Antonín Dvořák (Nabrousil jsi nože, Tondo?), the publications B. Smetana, K. Kryl, Footpaths along Josef Suka´s Countryside (Stezky po krajině Josefa Suka), Czech Music, Czech Orchestras, Anthology of Czech Music CD, A Touch of Czech Music and, most recently, the travelling exhibition Smetana-Dvořák-Janáček and B. Martinů, that has already travelled to nearly thirty countries.

If you are interested in obtaining archive material, such as the CD or DVD, please contact Lenka Dohnalová.

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