Marie Zdeňková, Josef Vomáčka: MIROSLAV MELENA - Scénographer and Architect

Miroslav Melena (1937-2008) doubtlessly belongs among the most important scenographers and theatre architects of the second half of the 20th Century. He was one of the last of those having studied with František Tröster at DAMU in Prague; he took part – cheek by jowl with the director Jan Schmid – in moulding the shape of the Studio Ypsilon Theatre (nowadays legendary) first in Liberec, then in Prague. Melena also worked with other treatres, both Czech and foreign, not only as a scenographer but as a theatre director, too. From 1970s on, he dedicated his talent to theatre architecture as well, from roofing over open-air summer stages all the way to redevelopment and reconstruction of theatre interiors. One only has to recall the Archa Theatre in Prague, City Theatre and Reduta Theatre in Brno, Highland (Horácké) Theatre in Jihlava, not to mention arange of theatres he worked on in the countries of former Yugoslavia. The publication coincides with the exhibition of the artist´s life-long work at the Old Town Hall in Prague in June 2011.

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