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The primary goal of the Library of the Theatre Institute is to collect, process, preserve and make available all books and periodicals about Czech theatre, as well as provide a selection of theatre literature from abroad. The information system of the Library is incorporated into the structure of the Theatre Institute, and is directly connected to the activities of the Departments of Bibliography and Documentation.
The Library of the Theatre Institute is a member of the SIBMAS (International Association of Libraries and Museums of the Performing Arts)

Currently, the collection of books consists of more than 118,500 volumes of specialized on theatre literature, theatre texts, literature of related specializations and periodicals. Documentation resources are accessible through a system of traditional catalogues by name, title, subject and system. The on-line catalogue (OPAC) of the automated library system Verbis is also available. The resources of the Library are increased primarily through purchases, as well as by occasional exchanges and donations. The Library obtains much of its foreign materials through co-operation with the International Theatre Institute and with other international theatre organizations. The average annual growth is approximately 1,500 volumes.

Hours of Operation of the Library

Monday 9-16
Tuesday -
Wednesday 9-18
Thursday -
Friday 9-16


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The Library is divided into three closely connected departments:

· the Services Department provides information, processes bibliographical and information services, and also provides catalogues of the library and collections of other manuals for readers.
· the Lending Room assistants can find requested documents for readers under a given shelf mark, and these materials can be lent for use either in the reading room or at home.
· the Journal Department and the Reading Room offer individual issues of previous year's periodicals, selected bound annuals, as well as a collection of manuals at the readers' disposal.



The Library of the Theatre Institute was opened at the end of the 1950s, but its history goes back even further. The original collections of the Library were composed of typewritten plays, which belonged to nationalized theatre agencies, and duplicated texts of the Czechoslovak theatrical and literary agency, now known as Dilia. After the Theatre Institute was amalgamated with the Scenographic Institute in 1975, the Library became more enriched with collections acquired from the Scenographic Library. Today, this specialized public library, with its resources of over one hundred thousand volumes, is one of the largest theatre libraries in Europe.

Information Resources

Collection of Theatre texts

The Library contains approximately more than 59,000 texts for theatre (including duplicate copies) in different variants, editions, versions and translations. The Library attempts to collect all published Czech plays, as it is very often that that textual changes are made by the playwright or editor, or new publications may contain valuable forewords or after words.
In addition to the texts from agencies already mentioned, some of which are handwritten, the Library attempts to collect, in as complete a form as possible, all duplicate texts of plays published by the Dilia agency, or more recently established agencies, for their own use. Often essential changes are made in these texts while plays are in production. The resources of the Library are complimented with foreign language translations of Czech playwrights. As well, plays by foreign authors can be found in their original language. The Library attempts to acquire critical editions of the works of the Classics and other important works by well-known contemporary authors in international theatre. Radio and television plays are included in the collection only as a supplement.

Collection of Professional Theatre Literature

The collection contains almost more than 38,000 volumes of both contemporary and historical specialist literature from home and abroad. For many years, general and special encyclopaedias, dictionaries and bibliographies have supplemented its component parts. Works of literature from adjacent fields have also been carefully selected to be included in this collection, including scenic design, music, architecture, ethnography, film, radio, television, etc. The library retains the complete collection of literature published by the Theatre Institute (more than 600 different editions have been published).

Periodical Collection

Aproximately fifty-nine Czech and Slovak journal titles, and more than forty-six foreign-language titles are acquired annually by the Library. Most of these are in the form of complete sets and are bound in annuals, preserved in the Library's collection of contemporary and discontinued magazines, making up more than 15,700 bound volumes.

Collection of Cabaret Songs and Sketches

Collection of Costume Graphic Designs

Collection of Musical Scores

Contains primarily extracts from piano scores of operas and operettas.

The Collection of Audiovisual Documents

The Collection of Audiovisual Documents contains non-paper media, including CD-ROMs, audio CDs, DVDs, DVD-ROMs and audio cassettes. CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs are the only purchased acquisitions of the collection; all other types of media are received as donations, gifts or bonuses offered by publications or journals. Audio recordings (opera, spoken word, etc) are methodically purchased only for the separate departments of the Audio Library.

Catalogues and Card Indexes

The Library resources are available to users primarily through the use of a catalogue system.
· Theatre plays, including complete texts published in domestic and foreign journals, are catalogued under the author's name and play title catalogue.
· Specialist literature is processed in the catalogue name, subject and system according to the Library's own classification system.
· Independent catalogues have been created for periodicals, musical scores, cabaret texts and costume graphics.
Currently, you can locate literature in our electronic cataloguing system.
All entries of the electronic catalogue are accessible on the Internet web pages of the library using the OPAC (on-line public access catalogue).


The Theatre Institute Library provides its services to employees of the Theatre Institute, journalists, theatre historians, teachers and university students, the local and international public interested in theatre culture.

Lending services

Publications are loaned only to fully registered members of the Library. Any citizen of the Czech Republic can become a member of the Library upon presentation of his/her identity card, completion of an application form and a payment of a registration fee (200 Kč, students 120 Kč). Users without permanent residence in the Czech Republic must pay a deposit of 500 Kč, which will be repaid after settlement of any claims. Membership is valid for one year from the date of registration. It is necessary to reregister for the following year.
Publications, with the exception of those used on the premises of the Theatre Institute and those in the conservation collection, can be borrowed for a period of four weeks (unless an earlier term has been agreed upon). In the event that the publication is not required by another member, the extension of the loan period may be arranged in person, in writing or via email, conceivably through the use of the web catalogue. If the borrower does not return the publication within this period, a fine will be payable to the Theatre Institute Library, and no further services will be provided until the publication is returned and the fines have been paid in full.

Reading room services

Several publications are available for perusal only in the Reference Section of the Library with the exception of those publications that can be borrowed. These include materials whose entry is marked with the note "Ref.". Certain materials that are available for perusal only in the Reading Room are identified with the letters "P" and "Z" and respectively magazines with the letters "H" or "HA". In this instance, users of the Library have a reading room and a study room at their disposal, where the materials can be taken. The Periodical Collection (H and HA) is located in the Depository, and for this reason it is necessary to reserve the older volumes at least 4 hours in advance. The materials can be reserved in person, by phone or by email in any department of the Library. Magazines that are located in the Periodical Study Room on the 1st Floor are the only exception - i.e. the bound volumes in the catalogue with the signature "Ref.B" and the individual magazine issues from the current year. These materials will remain in the Reading Room and it is not necessary to reserve them in advance.

Copying services

As a supplementary service, the Library provides a copying service with an accompanying price list. The current prices are 2 Kč for one side of A4, 4 Kč double-sided, and 4 Kč for one side of A3, 8 Kč double-sided. In the case of copying hardcover materials, and documents where copying can perhaps damage the original or binding, the price starts at 3 Kč for one side of A4. Users may make their own copies, with the exception of those fragile documents, which must be copied by the librarian. Large copy orders will be completed by the opening hours of the subsequent day of opening at the earliest. Electronic copies or copies of magazine articles not found in the Library collections may be found in the Virtual Polytechnic Library, and the fees are calculated according to the valid price list of the VPL.

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