Léandr-Alain Baker: Les jours se trainent, les nuits aussi...

Obálka knihyTranslated by Matylda and Michal Lázňovský
This is the fifth volume of French-language African drama published in The Contemporary Play series. The play by the Congolese writer Léandr-Alain Baker Les jours se trainent, les nuits aussi... is one of the ‘classic’ titles in the new wave of African-French writers. An intimate drama for three people, the play is about the intrusion of a black-skinned man into the ‘orderly’ life of a middle-aged married couple. The intruder, whose identity is never precisely made clear to us, behaves like an external, unpredictable force whose freedom, or rather whose lack of respect for the rules and laws of bourgeois life, is almost frightening in its effect. He gives rise to unrest and doubt. He is an alien, someone who disrupts routine. He shows that the ‘contented life’ that the married couple had been leading was really just an illusion.
Price 80 Czk / 39 pp. / ISBN 80-7008-192-9

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