In order to protect the most precious and delicate sections of its collection, the Library of the Theatre Institute launched a new digitalization project, and chose the Kramerius system to present its the digitalized documents on the Internet. The system is also used by other libraries including the National Library and the Municipal Library in Prague.

Documents found in the Kramerius Digital Library are divided between monographs and periodicals, where you can browse alphabetically through the titles or authors' names. You can also conduct searches based on basic information, ie. name, author, publisher, etc. Access to the digital library system is limited by the copyright laws, and for this reason only those records of works whose entire texts are considered free works are accessible through the system; in other cases, one can obtain the entire text only in the building of the Arts Institute/Theatre Institute.

Users can also gain access to the Kramerius system through the internet catalogue of the library, where one can search for records that have been digitalized. You will find an adequate record in the Kramerius system by clicking on Digitalized Documents link located in the Online access column.

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