Koulsy Lamko: Celle des iles

Obálka knihyTranslated by Matylda and Michal Lázňovský
The ninth volume of contemporary African drama published in the Contemporary Play series. The central character is a young black woman who appears one day in the French port city Nantes. Her life story relates to the history of the slave trade, which at one time France was engaged in. Slavery only ended in the mid-19th century, so it is no surprise that a tradition of resistance and hate and even a longing for revenge still exist. The manuscript is passionate and exudes a strong sense of traditional African magic and music.
The theme might seem somewhat remote to us given that we have no colonial past, but in a way it is still a strong presence in today’s world, where racism still exists and where echoes from the colonial past can still be heard and boomerang into the present.
In cooperation with the Creative Africa festival and the French Institute in Prague.
Price 80 Czk / 37 pp. / ISBN 978-80-7008-244-7

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