Karel Kraus: Theatre in the Service of Drama

Obálka knihyEditor: Jana Patočková
A selection of texts by the prominent theatre arts expert, dramaturg, and translator Karel Kraus (1920), which he wrote as theoretical reflections on his work in the theatre from the 1940s up to the present. It contains articles on playwrights (e.g. Hrubín, Topol, Sofoklés, Čechov, Nestroy, Schnitzler, Beckett), directors he worked with (Frejka, Krejča) and essays on the significance of dramaturgy and on the changes and current state of theatre and the art of acting. The texts portray the organic evolution and the rare developmental continuity of a theatre artist who, with his conception of drama and dramaturgy, helped shape Czech theatre alongside Otomar Krejča in the drama section of the National Theatre and Theatre behind the Gate.
Price 290 Czk / 640 pp. / ISBN 80-7008-113-9

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