Jarmila Veltruská: The Sacred and the Profane (Eight Studies on Early Czech Theatre)

Obálka knihyThe author is one of the biggest experts on mediaeval theatre and has contributed to advancing knowledge about Czech mediaeval theatre, for instance, with her book A Sacred Farce from Medieval Bohemia: The Quack. This volume presents a selection of studies on Czech themes by the author originally published in English and French. The author regards a sacred-profane dualism to be a basic feature of mediaeval theatre: the integration of profane or even vulgar elements into religious plays in a way underscores the organic unity of the sacred and the profane in the world of mediaeval man. For us, the studies by Jarmila Veltruská are all the more interesting in that the author discusses plays of Czech provenience in comparison within a European context.
Price 190 Czk / 181 pp. / ISBN 80-7008-200-3

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