Jana Pilátová: Grotowski’s Niche

Obálka knihyJerzy Grotowski, one of the most important directors and thinkers in the theatre of the 20th century, and his ‘holy theatre’ (as the director Peter Brook called it) transcended the boundaries of this genre in quest of its spiritual-technical roots. First Grotowski explored the theatre in Teatr Laboratorium, then he began to scrutinise the human condition, humanity and the potential of humanity through theatre. The year 1968 and Apocalypsis cum Figuris, a major theatrical work, marked a turning point and paved the way for the emergence of his paratheatre and initiation rites. That same year, which was revolutionary in many respects, the author of this work, theatre arts expert and drama teacher PhDr. Jana Pilátová, who was at that time student, studied for six months under Grotowski, and that experience had a determining impact on the future direction of her life. She maintained contact with Grotowski, published papers on his creative methods as applied in then Czechoslovakia and in Poland, lectured at international conferences, and led creative workshops at home and abroad. This book by Jana Pilátová is the only original Czech contribution to the international year of Grotowski (2009) and has been nominated for the F. X. Šalda Award in the field of theatre criticism.
Price 360 Czk / 581 pp. / ISBN 978-80-7008-239-3

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