International Cooperation Department

The International Cooperation Department of the Arts and Theatre Institute realizes the program Promotion of Czech Theatre Abroad. The main goal of the program is promotion of Czech culture, mainly theatre/performing arts abroad and conveying information about foreign theatre in the Czech Republic. The ICD prepares concepts, dramaturgy and production background for international and local projects, festivals, exhibitions, seminars, conferences and it also organizes such activities. It cooperates with many Czech and foreign theatre and art organizations, institutions, and universities. It actively participates in international networks and international non-governmental theatre organizations. It provides contacts and information about Czech theatre abroad and about foreign theatre at home. It prepares publications and information materials about Czech theatre for international experts and audiences and participates in publishing activities of the ATI.

The program Promotion of Czech Theatre Abroad is carried out in cooperation with other ATI departments (Music and Dance Section of the Arts Institute, Prague Quadrennial) and other partners (Czech centers, international theatre networks, international non-governmental theatre organizations registered in UNESCO and based in the ATI, state and independent national and international cultural organizations etc.). The program is regularly updated, discussed and prepared in cooperation with the ATI Dramaturgy Board.

Promotion of Czech theatre abroad focuses on works and creators of contemporary Czech theatre scene; however, thanks to the diversity of possibilities of promotion, multidisciplinary overlaps of contemporary artwork and heterogeneity of the platforms for presentation, it extends beyond other art disciplines and fields. Among those that permeate with the program of Czech theatre promotion abroad are dance, music, literature, theatre research, cultural and creative industries, cultural policy, cultural diplomacy, and branding. As far as “Czech theatre” is concerned, we speak about theatre production in the Czech Republic, which is (co)funded from Czech sources, or it is significantly linked to Czech theatre community. Therefore, it does not exclude production of other nationalities, which is integrally incorporated in Czech theatre.

Main Activities

Production, organization and support of international events in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Examples of our projects

  • Participation in international performing arts markets (CINARS, PAMS, Tanzmesse, Fira Tárrega and others)
  • Support and cooperation in foreign visitors’ participation in festivals in the Czech Republic which present contemporary Czech theatre and dance production
  • Support and cooperation in presentation of contemporary Czech theatre and dance production at festivals and events abroad
  • Participation in professional networks (IETM, On the Move, EEPAP, SPACE/SHAPE, PACE.V4)
  • administration of Czech centers ofinternational non-governmental theatre organizations): ASSITEJ, AICT, FIRT, ITI, OISTAT, SIBMAS, UNIMA
  • Administration of the short-term mobility program for individuals
  • Organization of exhibitions, discussions, conferences, presentations, lectures, and symposiums in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • Catalogues and promotional materials about Czech theatre (e.g. Czech Performance Collection catalogue, the catalogue of Czech playwrights Let’s Play Czechs, the movie 89 Minutes with Czech Theatre, anthologies of new Czech plays translated into English, German, Spanish).

Publications to download:

Information service, marketing, and PR

Contact person:
Martina Pecková Černá
T 224 809 137

Current Projects



Performing Arts Central Europe – Visegrad Countries Focus (PACE.V4) is a project of a continuous co-operation of Visegrad performing artistic and cultural organizations. This network was established in 2012 in order to develop a common presentation and research strategy with the goals to strengthen the coherence of the Visegrad group countries, to foster its visibility at the international cultural scene, to promote current performing arts sector of the Visegrad countries and the brand “Visegrad” in general and to enhance international contacts and co-operation of Visegrad artists and stakeholders on the international level. The strategy is applied as in priority international events such as the biggest world performing arts markets or important international theatre/dance/music festivals, so within the Visegrad region in form of specialized events (conferences, meetings, workshops, presentations, networking program).

Events planned for 2017

In 2017, the International Cooperation Department approaches main goals of the long-term strategy. In cooperation with Czech Centers, it prepares presentations of Czech performing arts at the PAMS fair in Seoul, South Korea in November with the emphasis on contemporary circus. The presentation includes guest performances of Losers Cirque Company, Czech delegation at the fair, and the booth, which offers promotion materials in English and Korean. We continue to support the participation of foreign experts in priority festivals in the Czech Republic with the most recent productions in Czech theatre and dance: the meeting of the Visegrad Dance Exchange Platform and the Bazaar festival, Czech Dance Platform, Theatre World Brno, and Opera festival. We continue our support of segments of contemporary Czech theatre and dance production at the events abroad. Czech drama will be presented at the contemporary Czech drama showcase Csekkold! in Budapest (November 2017) and Kus: Česka: Druhá sklizeň/Second Harvest 2017 in Berlin, experimental theatre, dance and music will be showcased as part of Czech participation at the festival in Edinburgh and part of the program of the Central and Eastern European Countries Cultural Season in China, puppet theatre will be a part of the Year of Czech Culture in Japan, where the project Three Perspectives on Czech Puppet Theatre is going to be presented in various destinations, and scenography is presented in frame of the exhibition Shakespeare in Prague: Imagining the Bard in the Heart of Europe, which has been exhibited at the Columbus Museum of Art in the USA since February as well as the next Salon of Czech Scenography (the first exhibition date: autumn 2017 in Prague, in the following year Brno and the Czech and Slovak version in Bratislava). We support the individual study trips of the representatives of the Czech art scene abroad through the short-term mobility program and the special call to participate in the Avignon festival. The International Cooperation Department is preparing the international participative and participatory conference OVER THE EDGE / RISK, FEAR AND COURAGE IN (THEATRE) PRODUCTION (May 13-14, Olomouc) organized as part of the project Create to Connect in cooperation with the Palacký University (the Department of Theatre and Film Studies), Divadelní Flóra festival, and Na Cucky Theatre with more than 40 artists and curators from the Czech Republic and Europe. We are also going to be partners of the pantomime international conference (May 13-14, Prague) organized by the Mime Club z.s. As part of long-term cooperation in the project Performing Arts Central Europe – Visegrad Countries Focus, we and partner organizations from Poland, Slovakia and Hungary are preparing a series of presentation activities in Moldova, Belgium and the USA. The department also coordinates the anniversary fifth edition of the Theatre Night in the Czech Republic (November 18).

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