International Cooperation

The Department for Theatre Studies is an institutional member of the International Federation for Theatre Research. It participates in conferences organized by this institution and, with its co-operation, has prepared two symposia held in Prague: in 1995, in connection with the Prague Quadrennial exhibition of stage design on the theme "When Theatre and Fine Arts Meet Together", and in 1999 on the theme "Theatrical Space in the Post-modern Times". Chosen excerpts taken from the conferences are available in the report "Space and Theatre Design" (published in 2000 and available in English). The third conference was held in 2003 on the theme ‘Patronage, Spectacle and the Stage’, and a selection of papers was published in a volume of conference proceedings of the same title (published by the Theatre Institute 2006, in English).Another conference was held in 2007 on the theme ‘The New Space of Authenticity’, and to date the most recent conference, What Is the Role of the Scenographer/ Designer in the Creation and Production of Meaning? took place in 2011 as part of the Prague Quadrennial.

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