František Langer: No Curtain

Obálka knihyThe fifteenth volume of the Writings of František Langer contains dramatic texts that have never been staged and have never even been published in book form. These are scenes, plays, and fragments of plays that were published in periodicals (The Bells, Three and One, Hours, Animals and People, a fragment of a lost play with fairytale motifs called Glory in Stone), by agencies (Premiering Today), or found among the author’s manuscript papers (Langer’s first dramatic attempt, the psychologising act Strange World, the burlesque Disillusioned Lover, a fragment of an amorously toned social conversation play (Untitled), a play about the ungraspable categories of good and evil At Zavadilka, dialogues on the theme of the pitfalls of officially assigned luck The Station and The Almshouse).
Price 190 Czk / 329 pp. / ISBN 80-7008-169-3

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