IFTR/FIRT Conference at the PQ 2011: "Designing the Performance Spaces"

Dates: 22 to 26 June, 2011, Prague CZ

This  international conference coincides with the Prague Quadrennial 2011, and is prepared by the Arts and Theatre Institute Prague and the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague in association with the Scenography Working Group (SWG) of the International Federation for Theatre Research. 

The SWG has presented thematic conferences in collaboration with the program of preceding editions of the PQ in order to take advantage of the extraordinary opportunities for discussion and exchange that the PQ affords.  Previous conferences have included When Theatre and Fine-Arts Meet Together (1995), Theatrical Space in Postmodern Times: Contemporary Concepts and Methodologies (1999),  Patronage, Spectacle and the Stage (2003), and The New Space and Authenticity (2007).

Brought together under the umbrella of global scenographic practice for theatrical, visual, events and exhibition design, this conference invites theatre professionals and scholars to dialogue on historical and contemporary trends concerned with the creation of meaning through visual, spatial, and aural design of performance and presentational spaces.

For 2011 the conference will be held at Charles University under the theme:

What is the role of the scenographer/designer in the creation and production of meaning?

Please see the Call for Proposals for submission details and contact information.

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FIRT / IFRT (Federation Internationale pour la Recherche Théâtrale / International Federation for Theatre Research)

The Czech centre of the International Federation for Theatre Research has been functioning since the Federation was founded in 1956, as theatre artists from Czechoslovakia were among its founding members. During its more than fifty-year existence they were repeatedly represented on its committee and Prof. František Černý held the position of President. The Czech centre was the organiser of the world congress of the Federation in Prague in 1973 and of a number of other conferences. Czech theatre scholars contribute to the professional activities of the Federation (congresses, workshops) by speaking at congresses and workshops. As theatre scholars from around the world participate in these events they are able to obtain a very up-to-date overview of theatre scholarship and the trends and methodologies of theatre arts research. Since 1991 in cooperation with the Federation’s Scenography Working Group the Czech centre organises an expert conference in Prague in four-year intervals. Starting with the second one (1995) their focus turned to scenography and they always take place at the time of the international exhibition of stage design and theatre architecture the Prague Quadrennial. The next one is planned for the year 2011. From the two conferences a selection of papers were prepared for publication, conference proceedings in English were published as a book by the Theatre Institute. Contacts with members of the Federation from other countries also lead to other outcome: lectures in Prague, publication of studies in the Theatre Review. Conversely, exceptionally young theatre scholars take advantage of the opportunity each year to compete in the New Scholars’ Prize. The Czech centre receives for free the International Theatre Research journal published by the Federation.

FIRT / IFTR Conference 2011

Other activites of the Czech centre FIRT / IFTR

Activites of the Czech centre

Conferences organised by the Czech centre of IFTR at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University

  • 1995: When Theatre and Fine-Arts Meet Together
  • 1999: Theatrical Space in Postmodern times: Contemporary Concepts and Methodologies
  • 2003: Patronage, Spectacle and the Stage
  • 2007: The New Space of Authenticity
  • 2011: Conference FIRT / IFTR at the PQ 2011

Proceedings from conferences organised by the Czech centre of the IFTR published by the Theatre Institute

  • Space and the Postmodern Stage. Edited by: I. Eynat-Confino, E. Šormová. Prague: Divadelní ústav 2000. 
  • Patronage, Spectacle and the Stage. Edited by: I. Eynat-Confino, E. Šormová. Prague: Divadelní ústav 2005.

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