Exhibition on the stage: Reflection on the 2007 Prague Quadrennial

Obálka knihyThe publication reflects on the Prague Quadrennial in 2007 from the perspective of foreign and Czech theatre arts experts, theatre critics, and artists. The book also presents an analysis of various aspects and trends of contemporary theatre design and architecture.
The editor of this book and author of one of its main articles is the American theatre arts expert and General Commissioner of the PQ 07, Arnold Aronson. The authors of other texts are the director and theorist Thea Brejzek (DE/SUI), the architect and stage designer Dorita Hannah (NZ), the theatre arts expert Ian Herbert (UK), the theatre critic Thomas Irmer (DE), and stage design expert Marie Zdeňková (CZ). The book is published in English and contains almost 200 colour photographs of the exhibition and of the lively programme and student projects.
Price 499 Czk / 112 pp. / ISBN 978-80-7008-219-5

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