Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt: Le Libertin

Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt: Le Libertin

Obálka knihyTranslated by Matylda and Michal Lázňovský
The philosopher Diderot is writing a treatise on morality for his Encyclopédie, but the concept of morality changes depending on whom he is talking to and about what. Before his wife he defends the ‘morality’ of an unfaithful man, before his daughter, who wants to have the child of a married noble and raise the child herself he emphasises the institution of marriage. In the end he is unable to write this entry and makes do with a reference. The lively dialogues and humorous reversals of fortune culminate in a very ‘immoral’ conclusion to the play.
Price 70 Czk / 68 pp. / ISBN 80-7008-115-5

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