Edward Gordon Craig: On the Art of the Theatre

Obálka knihyCraig was one of the visionaries behind the revolution in scenic art in 20th-century theatre. This anthology presents him through a selection of texts that are essential theoretical writings on 20th-century theatre. In these writings Craig formulated his idea of the theatre as a unique form of art that has to disengage itself from every kind of ‘parasitic tyranny’, whether this means the dictatorship of literature, the painter, or the actor, and find a symbolic stage language for itself, while repudiating realism, which leads to the degeneration of the theatre. In the late 1960s a volume of essays by Craig was prepared for publication in Czech, but that project was quashed by the onset of the normalisation-era publishing policy. Consequently, this book is appearing for the first time in Czech only now, almost a century after its initial publication date. A lengthy review and examples of Craig’s work were presented on the pages of Divadlo (Theatre) by Milan Lukeš in 1958. Almost a half century later, the book is now reaching Czech readers in a translation by Lukeš and with a foreword by him.
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