Early Theatre in the Czech Lands to the End of the 18th Century – Figures and Works

This lexicon is the outcome of work on the long-term research project The Czech Theatre Encyclopaedia conducted by the Arts and Theatre Institute with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. The publication explores the history of theatre in the Czech lands from the Middle Ages to the start of the National Revival. It contains 382 entries on playwrights, composers, librettists, actors, singers, dancers, puppeteers, artists, managers, performance organisers, arts patrons, and anonymous dramatic works. It looks at theatre activities in Czech, Latin, German, Italian, and French by artists active in the Czech lands during this period. It situates local theatre culture into the wider European context, with which at that time it was very closely linked owing to the migration of artists, interpreters, and repertoire. The publication also features reproductions of contemporary iconographic materials and theatre-history documents.
A joint publication of the Arts and Theatre Institute in Prague and Academia Publishers.
Price 495 Czk / 760 pp. / ISBN 978-80-200-1486-3 (Academia); 978-80-7008-201-0 (Arts and Theatre Institute)

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