Dance Section

The Dance Section (DS) of the Arts Institute was established in September 2006 as a conceptual, organisational, coordinating, and consultation service devoted to the field of dance. It coordinates documentation in the field and organises professional meetings, lectures and seminars. It helps to promote Czech dance abroad.

The mission of the Dance Section is to enhance and systematise professional communication, the coordination of activities, and the flow of information within the Czech dance scene, which in recent years has seen exponential growth of its activities in creative work, education, and international cooperation and festival activities.

The Dance Section primarily operates as an information and consultation centre. Its work should lead to the greater availability of information on the field, primarily disseminated through the media, the coordination of projects connected with creative work and education, impacts on cultural policy (support for the development of the dance arts and education in the regions, the creation of multifunctional centres outside Prague), enhanced information and documentation, and proactive communication with foreign partners.

Activities of the Dance Section

  • Information and Documentation –the collection and distribution of information, documentation, PR
  • Education–coordination and initiation of educational projects (lectures, seminars)
  • Consultation and Analysis–support for the development of the field at the regional level, analysis, statistics, materials for legislative purposes, etc.
  • Foreign Relations


Jana Návratová
T +420/224 809 103

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