Dance in the Czech Republic

Definitions - History - Funding - Legislation - Social Issues - Education - Reflections

Jana Návratová, Roman Vašek et al.

The Dance in the Czech Republic monograph originated from the collaboration of its editors on the grant project, The State, Ctructure, Terms and Financing of Arts in the Czech Republic (2006-2013).

Czech literature on dance and other arts has lacked a description of the situation of dance since 1989. The authors of individual studies have attempted to capture dance in the Czech Republic in several aspects. In the section devoted to history, the evolution of the major dance genres is treated (e.g. ballet, folk dance, ballroom dancing, as well as the first comprehensive study of contemporary dance and hip hop). Emphasis is placed on the so-called transformation after 1989 and the current situation. Furthermore, dance is analysed in terms of funding, legislation, social issues, and the situation of dance education, science and research. Dance criticism and journalism are also described. A wide and varied field of dance, which after 1989 became a dynamic art form, is observed mainly with regard to professional conditions. The enclosed CD-ROM presents an in-depth research carried out in 2007 among respondents, such as dance conservatory teachers, specialised university departments, ballet and contemporary dance groups.

The purpose of this publication is to provide a versatile and concentrated overview of the situation of dance in the Czech Republic.

Cena 190 Czk / 239 pp. / ISBN 978-80-7008-241-6 / only in Czech

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