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Czech Theatre comes out in English once each year and has been published since 1991. It is primarily intended to promote Czech theatre abroad. It presents information on Czech theatre, events of the past season, and artistic trends and prominent figures in contemporary Czech theatre. In 1991–1998 it was published in a French-English bilingual edition, since 1999 has been published just in English. 
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Czech Theatre 30

The 30th issue of Czech theatre starts with a thematic section on cabaret tender. Fout articles of a section „Czech theatre as a cabaret“ present various shapes of cabaret on contemporary Czech stages. 
The magazine also presents some individual reviews of the last year´s remarkable productions of Czech drama, opera or puppet theatre. A special article, written by Barbora Příhodová, deals with transformation of Czech stage design. Her article concerned with a representative aggregate exhibition of Czech theatre designem as a harbinger of Prague Quadrennial to také place in 2015.

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Czech Theatre 29

The contents of this year's edition of Czech Theatre includes a special section devotes to contemporary Czech playwriting, Czech directing and to regionals theatre. 
In her article on contemporary playwriting, Alena Zemančíková comments mostly on the plays produced in the last years on various Czech stages. Jana Machalická meditates on Czech directing and its generational trnasformations. Writing about Ost-ra-var Festival, Tatjana Lazorčáková introduces the best productions of Ostrava´s theatres; Jan Kerbr describes Klicpera Theatre in Hradec Králové and its artistic director, playwright and director David Drábek.
The issue also presents some individual reviews of the last year´s remarkable productions of Czech drama, opera or puppet theatre.

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Czech Theatre 28

Issue 28 is devoted to prominent theatre stages – Comedy Theatre (and the reasons for its demise), Reduta Theatre, Theatre on Dlouhá Street, and the theatrical arts in Ostrava. The article ‘Václav Havel Leaving and Coming Back‘ bids a final farewell to the top Czech playwright. This issue also looks at Letí Theatre and its passion for new plays, and readers will also find reviews of productions that received Alfréd Radok Awards, and there are sumaries of new Czech plays and new books on the theatre, theatre statistics, and an overview of theatre awards.

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Czech Theatre 27

This issue of Czech Theatre is largely devoted to scenography. The American scenography theorist Arnold Aronson describes the history and current state of the PQ. In Czech Scenography at PQ 2011 Marta Ljubková, one of the curators of the Czech exhibit, explains the concept behind the selection of Czech scenographic works for this year’s PQ. Marie Zdeňková focuses on Czech scenography applied to alternative spaces and Věra Ptáčková writes about one of the most original scenographers working in Czech theatre today, Marek Cpin. Three productions of the director Jan Mikulášek from the past year are reviewed by Kamila Černá. Petra Ježková looks at the two productions staged by Robert Wilson in 2010 at the National Theatre in Prague. Dejvice Theatre and Comedy Theatre are currently two of the most reputable stages in Prague. In Dejvice Theatre: A Success of Consistency Jana Machalická writes about two successful productions put on at Dejvice Theatre, one of which, The Man Without a Past, won the Alfréd Radok Award for best production of 2010. In The Civic Rage of the Comedy Theatre Marie Zdeňková and Richard Erml describe two productions at Comedy Theatre that in the past year caught the attention of critics; one, Offending the audience 2010, is a kind of retrospective look at and personal testimony from an artistic company based in a theatre threatened with demise. Director Štěpán Pácl, who won Alfréd Radok Award as Talent of the Year 2010, is the subject of the articles A Life without Fire? and Words, Rhythm, Meaning: The Directorial Work of Štěpán Pácl, written by Jana Patočková and Kamila Černá. The subject of Marta Ljubková’s article Tomáš Žižka: At a Specific Side is the site-specific projects by the director Tomáš Žižka. The main section of this issue closes with an article by Lenka Šaldová on the competition for Czech opera productions Festival Opera. As always, this issue contains some short reviews of several selected productions from the past year and information on theatre awards, new Czech plays, publications, and Czech theatre statistics for 2010.

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Czech Theatre 26

Issue 26 explores the work of the director Michal Dočekal as head of drama at the National Theatre (Národní divadlo), discusses two productions by Hana Burešová at Theatre on Dlouhá Street (Divadlo v Dlouhé), namely Phaedra and The Surgeon of His Honour, and looks at the work of the director Daniel Špinar (reviews of his productions of Woyzeck and Mary Stuart). Other articles deal with the production La Putyka, the most recent premiere by the company Farm in the Cave, the work of the choreographer Ioana Mona Popovic, and the puppet theatre Continuo. The issue presents a profile of the drama company at the South Bohemian Theatre in České Budějovice, remembers Otomar Krejča, and provides information on two new puppetry museums. The Kaleidoscope section contains short reviews of the most interesting productions of the past year, Notebook provides readers with information on the theatre awards that were handed out in the last year, new Czech books on the theatre, annotations of plays, and statistical information on Czech theatres.

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Czech Theatre 25

The opening thematic section of issue 25 focuses on the return to the Czech stage of dramatists from the 1960s (Havel’s Leaving, Kundera’s The Joke, Uhde’s Miracle in the Dark House, and Kohout’s A Little Night Music). Other articles deal with the work of directors from the young and middle generation – Jan Mikulášek, Jiří Adámek, Jiří Havelka, and Viktorie Čermáková. This issue also contains a profile of The Forman Brothers Theatre (Divadlo bratří Formanů) and a review of the production Tomorrow There’ll Be… (Zítra se bude...). The Kaleidoscope section contains short reviews of the most interesting productions of the past year, Notebook provides readers with information on the theatre awards that were handed out in the last year, new Czech books on the theatre, annotations of plays, and statistical information on Czech theatres.

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Czech Theatre 24

The contents of this year's edition of Czech Theatre includes a special section devotes to regional theatres, a text about the most recent work of the director J.A. Pitínský, a comprehensive look at the work of the Comedy Theatre (Divadlo Komedie) in Prague, a study about traditional ballet productions and looking back at the Prague Quadrennial 2007.

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Czech Theatre 23

The new English publication of Czech Theatre volume 23 provides informative articles and up-to-date information about the most recent trends in the world of Czech theatre, and also includes feature articles on scenography and theatre design commemorating the Prague Quadrennial 2007 and colour photographs by award winning Czech theatre photographers.


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Czech Theatre 22

The latest issue of the Czech Theatre Magazine places special emphasis on the stages located in the Moravian metropolis of Brno. A Stroll through the Brno Theatre Scene (D. Viceníková) / Devotion to the Cross - J. Mlejnek) / A Century Fascinated with the Devil (M. Reslová) / The Czech Lands Rediscover Political Theatre (J. Machalická) / Exploring Male Vocations and Pastimes (J. Kerbr) / Iva Peřinová: Playing with Fire (J. Rezková) / The Greek Passion and Curlew River (R. Hrdinová) / Czech Dance Zone 2005 (N. Vangeli). As well as the Alfred Radok and Thalia Theatre Awards, new books published by the Theatre Institute, Czech Theatre in Numbers and synopses of new Czech plays in translation.

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Czech Theatre 21

Czech Theatre Magazine 21 provides more information and photo documentation of the recent developments of all genres of the performing arts in the Czech Republic. The DNO Phenomenon (Nina Malíková)/ The Return of J.A.P. (Jan Kerbr)/ How they Ballet in Bohemia (Roman Vašek)/ Shaping (and Captivity) through the Word (Marie Reslová)/ Bernhard as an opportunity for an actor (Jana Patočková)/ Falling Asleep in the Sea (Ondřej Hučín)/ Twice on the Sea. The Flying Dutchman and Lamenti (Ondřej Hučín)/ German-language Theatre Back in Prague

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Czech Theatre 20

The issue takes an indepth look at the works and personalities of some of the Czech Republics most innovative artists. The Theatre in Ostrava: a Phenomenon of the Industrial Agglomeration / The Diabolical Angel of the Czech Theatre - The Works of Jiří Pokorný / I Don´t Like Generalised Theatre - An Interview with Jiří Pokorný / Silence Is Sexy: The Collaborative Works of Director Jan Nebeský and Playwright Egon Tobiáš / Moliere through the Eyes of the Younger Generation / The Theatre in Dlouhá Street Above the Water: Two Years after the Floods / Fragile Matters of Large Dimensions: The Latest Developedments in Prague´s Minor Theatre / The Well-Tried Puppet Menu of Buchty a Loutky

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Czech Theatre 19

Czech Stage Design Reflected in the Prague Quadrennial / Theatres under Water / Wilson's Fate: a Happy Encounter / The National Theatre (still?) at the Crossroads / Puppets, Shadows and Video / Chekhov for the Czechs / Miroslav Krobot at the Dejvice Theatre 

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Czech Theatre 18

A representative review examining those Czech theatrical events which are of particular importance. The journal is in English, richly illustrated and has been published once a year since 1991. Back issues are still on sale. 
The latest issue of the magazine provides studies on award-winning productions of Alban Berg's Wozzek (dir. David Radok, National Theatre Prague), Marlowe's Dr Faustus (dir. Michal Dočekal, Divadlo Komedie), Thomas Bernhard's Portrait of the Artist as an Old Man (dir. Otomar Krejča, National Theatre Prague), articles on recent works by Prague theatres Činoherní klub (Drama Studio) and Dejvice Theatre (including Petr Zelenka's production of his own play Tales of Common Insanity) and the Brno-based Theatre U stolu (At the Table) as well as surveys of the latest development in Czech opera and puppet theatre. 

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Czech Theatre 17

Where the "Slow Moving Water" of Czech Theatre is Flowing / Hamletomania in Bohemia and Moravia at the Watershed of the Centuries / Director and Opera for "the happy few" / Theatre Komedie - Theatre without Respite / Contemporary Czech Drama / Opera Here and Now

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Czech Theatre / Théâtre tcheque 16

Meeting of the IETM in Prague 2000 / A Farewell to the Nineties / The Czech Alternative Scene / Dance Opens Windows on the World / Czech Opera in the ´90´s - A Struggle for Existence / information Notebook (Czech Theatre Awards 1999, New Publications of the Theatre Institute, festivals, Scenis, The Dept. of Arts of the ministry of Culture and It's Activities, The City of Prague and it's Support)

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Czech Theatre 15

ObálkaCzech Stage Design at the End of the Millennium / The World in Images of P. Lébl and J. A. Pitínský / The Stage Designs of Jan Dušek / Theatre at the End of the Century (Stanislavsky and Brecht) / To See and Be Seen - That's the Question of director Vladimír Morávek / Theatre of Versatility, Appeal and Comedy - Variations of Czech Puppet Theatre / A Portrait of Director Josef Kroft / The Art of Counting to Four - J. A. Pitínský´s "Wandering" and "King Oedipus" / Listening to Body Language / Lébl´s "Waiting for Chekhov" / Opera Thrives in Plzeň

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Czech Theatre / Théâtre tcheque 14

ObálkaPortrait of the Director Jan Nebeský / Krejča's Faust as a Theatre of the World / Ivanov by Petr Lébl / Three New Productions by J. A. Pitínský / Ctibor Turba and the Alfreds / Hanging Man / Costume Designs of the Youngest Generation / The Renaissance of Modern Dance in Prague / Repertoire Innovations in Czech Opera / Notebook: Ostrava Theatre Festival, New Czech Plays and their Authors, The Alfréd Radok Awards / Theatres in the Czech Republic / Theatre Festivals in Bohemia and Moravia

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Czech Theatre / Théâtre tcheque 13

ObálkaA Special Volume on Czech Puppet Theatre: The Puppet through the Eyes of Visual Artist / Family Puppet Theatres in the Czech Lands / Jaroslav Šváb's Puppets / Theatre of Josef Skupa / Jiří Trnka and Puppet Theatre / Puppets Collections in Museums in the Czech Republic.



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Czech Theatre / Théâtre tcheque 12

ObálkaPolitics, Theatre and Clownery - Acceptance Address by Václav Havel on the Occasion of the Conferral of an Honorary Degree from the Prague Academy of Performing Arts / Man within the System and Outside it - in the Plays by Václav Havel / Twenty Years of the Theatre Na tahu (On the Move) / Thomas Bernhard in Czech and Slovak / Returns of Jenufa as a Drama / The Theatre of Petr Nikl / New Stars of Czech Puppetry / The Celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Jean Gaspard Deburau in Kolín / The International Festival Theatre '96 in Plzeň / Calendar of Czech Theatre Festivals in 1997

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Czech Theatre / Théâtre tcheque 11

ObálkaMoravian Theatres / Straight Drama at the Brno National Theatre / Centre of the Experimental Theatre in Brno / Performers Petr Váša, Vladimír Kokolia, Iva Bittová / Portrait of the Director Eva Tálská / Ha-Divadlo - Theatre of Existential Grotesque / The Ostrava Stage Designer Marta Roszkopfová / Janáček Academy of Arts and Capriccios by the Studio for Educational Theatre of the Hearing Impaired / A Guide to Theatres in Moravia


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Czech Theatre / Théâtre tcheque 10

Obálka1995 Prague Quadrennial - Stage like an Image of the World / Exhibition of Stage Design Schools / Theatre Architecture / Czech Drama of the Nineties - New Plays by Daniela Fischerová, Karel Steigerwald, Arnošt Goldflam, the Youngest Authors / Portraits of Playwrights and Directors Ladislav Smoček and J. A. Pitínský / A Guide to Theatres in Bohemia



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Czech Theatre / Théâtre tcheque 9

ObálkaPlaywrights Ronald Harwood, Václav Havel, Arthur Miller and Tom Stoppard not only about the Theatre - the Recording of a Platform Discussion at the 1st International Festival Theatre '94 at Plzeň / Metamorphoses of the Scenic Space at Theatres of the Forties up to the Eighties: Panorama of the Czech Stage Design / Portrait of the Stage Designer Otakar Schindler / A Guide to Prague Theatres


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Czech Theatre / Théâtre tcheque 8

Five years after November of 1989: Changes in the Czech Theatre / The Struggle of the Divadlo za branou (Theatre beyond the Gate) II. / New Names, Directors and Ensembles (Hana Burešová at the Labyrint Theatre, Petr Lébl at the Theatre on the Balustrades (Divadlo Na zábradlí) / Kašpar, the Scene of the Young for the Young / Theatre and Commerce: Invasion of the Musical / In Search of Lost Traditions or the Return to Marionettes: The Baroque Opera by the Forman Brothers, The Headless Knight at the Liberec Naive Theatre

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Czech Theatre / Théâtre tcheque 7

ObálkaA special volume on castle theatres of Bohemia and Moravia / The Castle Theatre in Český Krumlov / The Wardrobe of the Castle Theatre / The Magic of the Baroque Stage / Italian Opera in the Czech Lands in the 17th and 18th centuries / Theatre in the Baroque Spa Kuks / From the Baroque to the Romanticism: Decorations by Josef Platzer at Litomyšl / The Book on the Kotce Theatre


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Czech and Slovak Theatre / Théâtre tcheque et slovaque 6

Humour in the Czech and Slovak theatres / The Non-Theatre of Ivan Vyskočil / Lasica and Satinský - the Slovak Duo of Authors and Actors / The Theatre of Mystification: the Unknown Czech Genius Jára Cimrman / The Mime Boleslav Polívka / The Centenary of The Bartered Bride in the Mirror of Opera Stage Design / Jan Grossman: The Dramatic Quality of Kafka?, II.


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Czech and Slovak Theatre / Théâtre tcheque et slovaque 5

ObálkaJan Grossman: The Dramatic Quality of Kafka? I. / French Drama on Czech Stages: from Ionesco to Koltes / The Return of Religious Drama: Claudel and Bernanos / The Revived Bratislava Korzo Theatre / The Roots of Modern Czech Stage Design: Expressionism, Cubism, Work by František Tröster / Slovak Stage Design of the sixties



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Czech and Slovak Theatre / Théâtre tcheque et slovaque 4

Playwrights of the Eighties: Daniela Fischerová and Karel Steigerwald / Interview with Daniela Fischerová / Portrait of the Director Vladimír Strnisko and his Production of Sartre at the Slovak National Theatre / Bratislava Istropolitana Festival of Theatre Schools / Interview with the Stage Designer Josef Svoboda



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Czech and Slovak Theatre / Théâtre tcheque et slovaque 3

ObálkaInterview with the Playwright Josef Topol / Premiere of Topol 's Play "Goodbye, Socrates" / Portrait of the Director Jan Kačer / Havel's Temptation in the Production by Jan Grossman / Mozart on Prague Opera, Dramatic and Puppet Stages: Don Giovanni at the Theatre of the Estates and the "National Theatre of Marionettes" / Mime Theatre of Milan Sládek / The Puppeteer Family Andrle / Puppet Collection of Milan Knížák


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Czech and Slovak Theatre / Théâtre tcheque et slovaque 2

ObálkaPrague Theatre of the Estates after Reconstruction / Portrait of the Director Roman Polák / The Early Years of the Slovak Mozart Prima Donnas / The Brno Fringe Theatres - The Theatre "Goose on the String", "HaDivadlo", "Amateur Circle" / Shakespearomania in the Theatre Goose on the String / Recollections of the 1991 Prague Quadriennale



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Czech and Slovak Theatre / Théâtre tcheque et slovaque 1

ObálkaTheatre after the Revolution 1989 / Director Jan Grossman and his Production of Havel's Play Largo Desolato / Nonkonformist Blaho Uhlár - the Slovak Director / Return of folk Baroque Plays / Opera Productions by Josef Bednárik / Jiří Veltruský about Otomar Krejča / Krejča about Chekhov / Stag



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