Czech Plays: Seven New Works

Obálka knihyThis publication is edited by Dr. Daniel Gerould, director of programmes at the Martin E. Segal Theatre Centre, and by Marcy Arlin and Gwynn MacDonald, creators of the Immigrants’ Theatre project, part of which is a project called Czech Plays in Translation, in which for eight years in row they have presented selected works of contemporary Czech drama in English translation. The publication contains a study by Daniel Gerould on Czech 20th-century theatre and the genesis of a project of stage readings of Czech drama for the Immigrants’ Theatre by Marcy Arlin. The anthology contains the following titles: Lenka Lagronová: Miriam, Ivana Růžičková: Opening the Door and Pulling Out the Knife, Egon Tobiáš: I Promised Freddy, David Drábek: Aquabelles, Jiří Pokorný: Dad Scores Goals, Iva Klestilová: Minach and Petr Zelenka: Teremin.
Distribution of the publication in the United States is arranged by the Czech Center in New York. In the Czech Republic and other countries distribution is arranged by the Arts and Theatre Institute.
Price 300 Czk / 343 pp. / ISBN 978-0-9790570-6-9

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