Czech Music Council

Czech Music Council is one of the national sections of non-government organization Council International of Music UNESCO (, member of European Music Council ( The character of its activity corresponds with the aims of UNESCO. On the democratic principles Czech Music Council restored its activity in February 1993 (the Council was founded in 1972).

Currently, the Czech Music Council associates 50 important music institutions and individual members and honorary members. The Czech Music Council follows the tradition of the Council International of Music and since 1994 has been annually awarding exceptional activities across all genres and styles of Czech music culture.
The current aims of Czech Music Council are to continue in the active cooperation with the government institutions (Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education etc.), on the solution of urgent problems its members encounter in the field of music life, especially as far as legislation, education or ecology are concerned. Within the international network, the Czech Council concentrates on the programs of European Music Council  and exchange of information.

The ATI serves as the base for the Czech Music Council and the MusicSectioncoordinates its activities.



Lenka Dohnalová
T +420 224 809 195  and +420 603 584 218

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