Czech Dance in Action 2006

The Czech Dance in Action DVD presents 16 excerpts from the work of Choreographers who form the strong and inspirational generation of contemporary Czech dance. The aim of the creators of the Czech Dance in Action is to draw awareness to the dance works from the independent dance scene as well as those innovative creations that can be found on the stages of traditional dance theatres.

The Czech Dance in Action DVD contains brief and concise information focusing on the broad spectrum of creative approaches and forms that contemporary Czech dance arts offer. The Czech Dance in Action also contains a CD that provides additional dramaturgical and technical information, as well as web links and contacts to the individuals producers.

NANOHACH & Ioana Mona Popovici: Portrait
Ioana Mona Popovici: Remote Edens
TOW & Petra Hauerová: Night Moth
Jaro Viňarský: Last Step Before...
Michal Záhora & NANOHACH: Synchronicity
Dora Hoštová: On The Perch
Farm in the Cave: Sclavi /The Song of an Emigrant/
Farm in the Cave: The Waiting Room
Kristýna Lhotáková & Ladislav Soukup: Featured
DOT 504 & Lenka Ottová: Homo Sentimentalis
Wings: ProjectWings
Jan Kodet: Duel
Petr Zuska: Les Bras de Mer
Petr Zuska: Maria´s Dream
Tomáš Rychetský: Faint Fragility
Libor Vaculík: The Rite of Spring

Language: English
Title: Czech Dance in Action 2006
Publisher: Arts and Theatre Institute
Year: 2006

Not for sale (released for promotional purposes - upon request available from the ATI)

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