Czech Centres of International Non-Governmental Organisations

The ATI serves as the base for the Czech centres of international non-governmental theatre organisations (INTO) and the International Cooperation and PR Dpt coordinates its activities. The objective of these associations is to support the international exchange of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. They organise theatre festivals, initiate professional seminars and workshops, and work to advance and promote every type and genre of theatre. Participation in these organisations enables Czech delegates to actively participate in their work and take part in professional conferences, workshops, seminars, presentations, and festivals. Alongside fulfilling concrete tasks delegates also help obtain information on opportunities for residences and scholarships abroad, international artist competitions, interesting productions, news from the modern international theatre scene, and other activities and contacts abroad. At the same time they promote professional theatre publications and the works of Czech dramatists. Membership in the cited INTOs is for an unfixed term and is renewed each year upon payment of the annual membership fee.

The ATI serves as the base for the Czech Music Council and the Music Section coordinates its activities.

  • AICT / IATC (Association Internationale des Critiques de Théâtre / International Association of Theatre Critics)

The purpose of the IATC is to bring together theatre critics in order to promote international cooperation. Its principal aims are to foster theatre criticism as a discipline and to contribute to the development of its methodological bases; to protect the ethical and professional interests of theatre critics and to promote the common rights of all its members; and to contribute to reciprocal awareness and understanding between cultures by encouraging international meetings and exchanges in the field of theatre in general.

  • ASSITEJ (Association Internationale du Théâtre pour l´Enfance et la Jeunesse International / Association of Theatre for Children and Young People)

    The aim of the organization is to promote the development of the theatre for children and young people by an exchange of experience, by organizing study tours for groups as well as individuals, and by presenting all activities and projects which would benefit the theatre for children and young people. The association is open to all parties interested in the sphere of theatrical work for children and young people, regardless of nationality, origin, race or political affiliation of countries.

      Czech Centre of ASSITEJ:


    • CMC / IMC (Czech Music Council / International Music Council)

      Is one of the national sections of non-government organization Council International of Music UNESCO (, member of European Music Council (

    • FIRT / IFRT (Federation Internationale pour la Recherche Théâtrale / International Federation for Theatre Research)

      The International Federation for Theatre Research exists to promote collaboration and the exchange of information between individuals and organisations concerned with theatre research. To this end the Federation supports conferences and publications and assists its members in all such activities and projects.
  • ITI / IIT (International Theatre Institute / Institut International du Théâtre)

    ITI is an international non-governmental theatre organisation, founded in Prague in 1948. It´s aim of supporting international exchange in the areas of knowledge and practical experience in the area of theatre art is achieved through the organisation and support of theatre festivals, and initiating professional seminars and symposiums. ITI carries out its own activities through its 8 sub-committees or project groups.

  • OISTAT (Organisation Internationale des Scénografes, Techniciens et Architectes de Théâtre / International Organization of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians)

    OISTAT aims to stimulate the exchange of ideas and innovations and promote international collaboration in professions that support live performance. OISTAT currently has centres in 34 countries around the world with more than 12 000 members. OISTAT currently has six active commissions undertaking a variety of projects in the area of Education, Technology, Scenography, History and Theatry, Publication and Communication, and Architecture. OISTAT is one of the main partners of the Prague Quadrennial´s Student Section.

    Czech Centre of OISTAT (ČOSDAT – Česká organizace scénografů, divadelních architektů a techniků).

  • SIBMAS (International Society of Libraries and Museums of the Performing Arts / Société Internationale des Bibliothéques-Musées des Arts du Spectacle)

    The international organization SIBMAS was established in 1954. The primary aim of the organization is to support continual interaction between international libraries, specialized museums, documentation and information centres of practical and theoretical experience, coordinate activities and create opportunities for exchange between its members. Every two years, SIBMAS hosts specialized conferences whose themes focus on issues of predetermined subjects.

  • UNIMA (International Puppeteers Union / Union International de la Marionnette)

    UNion Internationale de la MArionnette) is a Non-Governmental Organization affiliated to UNESCO bringing together people from around the world who contribute to the development of the art of puppetry with the objective of using this art in the pursuit of human values such as peace and mutual understanding between peoples regardless of race, political or religious convictions and differences in culture, in accordance with the respect for fundamental human rights as defined in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights of December 10th 1948.

     Czech Center UNIMA:

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