Collections and Services Section

The Collections and Services Section (CSS) provides the infrastructure for working with information and collections and ensures their accessibility to public. The CSS is divided into four separate sections according to their specialised responsibilities. The Library and the Information and Documentation Department are two core and key departments that have been part of the Theatre Institute since it was founded in 1959. The Bibliography Department was founded in 1995 and the Department of Collections and Archives was founded in 2009. The work of all the departments is coordinated and operatively interconnected so that comprehensive research services can be provided that meet modern demands for the high quality and rapid acquisition and processing of information.

Most of the collections have been processed into databases and are accessible through the web portals managed by the CSS.

Our portals

Pražské Quadriennale - mezinárodní soutěžní přehlídka scénografie a divadelní architektury

Norway Grants

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