Caya Makhele: La Fable du cloître des cimitières

Obálka knohyTranslated by Matylda and Michal Lázňovský
In this play, the Congolese writer tells a variation on the tale of Orpheus and Eurydice. The play’s hero is Makiadi, a former low-level employee at the Ministry of Health in an unnamed country and now a homeless man, who has begun to abandon the idea that there is any meaning in life. We come across him as his fate is unexpectedly changing: he has received a letter from a woman who, apparently owing to her unrequited love for him, has thrown herself under a train. In the letter she calls on Makiadi to set out after her into the underworld. Makiadi unexpectedly feels some kind of responsibility for the woman, whom he doesn’t even know. But he doesn’t know how to get to the underworld – the quickest route is no doubt through the cemetery and a coffin appears as the right means of transportation. So he heads over to the morgue. The cyclical structure of the play seems inspired by the heritage of African ritual dance.
Price 80 Czk / 40 pp. / ISBN 80-7008-140-6

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