August Strindberg: Plays II

Obálka knihyThe second and final volume of plays by the classic Swedish playwright August Strindberg (1849–1912) presents new, first-time Czech translations of eight dramas and two unfinished works. All of them were written after the playwright’s ‘Inferno crisis’ (in the 1890s), when Strindberg reached an intellectual and artistic turning point and radically changed his social, political, and aesthetic views. In his dramatic works these changes were manifested in a turn away from naturalism and a shift towards new directions and streams, in particular symbolism and expressionism. It is with these later plays that Strindberg inscribed his name in the history of world theatre.
The texts of the plays are accompanied by a study, ‘Strindberg’s Post-infernal Dramatic Works’, by the top Swedish expert on the works of Strindberg, Hans-Göran Ekman.
Price 320 Czk / 579 pp. / ISBN 80-7008-159-7

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