Arts Institute

The Arts Institute (Institut umění) was established in January 2005 as an independent department of the Theatre Institute (Divadelní ústav), an organization established and funded by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. Since the 10th April 2007 the Institute is part of the Arts Institute-Theatre Institute.

The Arts Institute is an information, advisory, educational and production centre for the arts, focused mainly on theatre, dance, music, visual arts and literature.


  • to contribute to the promotion of public recognition of the role of the arts and its development
  • to support the exchange of information and experience among individual artistic fields
  • to provide information and advisory services for the national and regional public authorities, cultural organizations and public
  • to encourage the participation of Czech individuals and organizations in international projects and networks
  • to present and promote Czech arts abroad
  • to attend to educational activities for artists and cultural operators, primarily in the field of the management


  • maintains a complex Czech-English cultural portal that contains: information about current grants, scholarships, auditions, conferences, opportunities of co-operation, job opportunities, publications, etc. from the field of culture; a database of cultural operators; documents related to cultural policies and an overview of funding possibilities
  • maintains Czech Music, a music portal in Czech and English
  • maintains Czech Literature Portal (in Czech and English)
  • provides consultations about drafting and preparing artistic and cultural projects and their financial support from domestic and foreign programmes and funds (with the emphasis on the resources of the European Union)
  • works on different projects, mainly connected with topics related to cultural policies
  • coordinates the Artist in Residency Programme designed for various fields of art (visual arts, literature, performing arts...)

The Czech CCP of the European Union’s Culture Programme and the secretariat of the Czech Music Council are also departments of the Arts Institute. The Institute was appointed the National Coordination Body for the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008.

The Head of the Arts Institute is Ms. Eva Žáková.

Celetná 17, CZ-110 00 Prague 1
T +420/224 809 134, 118-119
F +420/222 326 121


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