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The return of Parsifal

The ensemble of the National Theatre opera staged the premiere of Wagner's final opera Parsifal one month before Easter. This "Festival Play for the Consecration of the Stage"/"Bühnenweihfestspiel" as Wagner called his piece returned to the stage of the National Theatre after 97 years.

29.6.2011 14:29 Více

Mateřinka 2009

Pozvánka na festival Mateřinka do Liberece

4.6.2009 12:09 Více

New Culture Minister of the Czech Republic - D. Nixon

After almost two weeks of consideration, Czech Prime Minster Jiří Paroubek has appointed actor and director of the Film Festival in Zlín, Vitězslav Jandák, as culture minister.

1.10.2007 12:08 Více 01/07 Newsletter about Czech Theatre is Now On Line!

The new issue of the Bulletin is now on line! reviews, Festivals and the latest News from the World of Czech theatre.

14.9.2007 12:09 Více

Puppet Theatre Highlights - At home and Abroad - Nina Malíková

A brief look at the world of Czech puppet theatre – Henryk Jurkowsky, Cakes and Puppets, The Three Musketeers, awards, and more.

29.12.2006 12:08 Více

Czech Theatre Related Exhibitions of Touring the World - Don Nixon

The Theatre Institute curates exhibits related to Czech theatre. Currently, there are exhibitions touring the USA, Russia, South America and Germany. The preparations of the Prague Quadrennial are well underway with a total of 55 countries registered!

28.11.2005 12:08 Více

A Sample of Theatre and Dance Showcases and Festivals

The Festival Database of the Theatre Institute has been updated to provide its non-Czech literate users with an opportunity to locate festivals easily and with more information.

31.8.2005 12:08 Více

Czech Puppetry Presence At Home and Abroad and in Brief - N. Malíková

News about the world of puppet theatre at home and abroad: Spectaculo interesse Festival in Ostrava; Czech activities at Expo 2005; Petr Nikl and UNIMA´s World Puppet Encyclopaedia.

31.8.2005 12:08 Více

Czech Orchestras – Directory of Czech Symphony and Chamber Orchestras - Publication

The Theatre Institute has recently published the director of Czech Orchestras. Published in English, the handbook is ideal for those wishing to obtain contacts and information about professional and amateur orchestras based in the Czech Republic.

22.8.2005 12:08 Více

Salon of Czech Scenography, Heart of the PQ in the Americas, PQ Update, and Petr Lébl

The Salon of Czech Scenography 2005, the national showcase of theatre, film and television scenography, will take place at the Lobkovicz Palace at the Prague Castle from September 1 to October 15, 2005.

22.8.2005 12:08 Více
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